my journey to jewelry

To see the World in a grain of sand,
and Heaven in a wild flower.
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
and Eternity in an hour.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have decided after all to take the plunge and try and learn Adobe Photoshop.  I know it is supposed to be one of the best programs out there, but I always figured that if you knew a program really well (no matter what the company was), you could make great art with it.
I know Microsoft Image Suite really well.  I got to the point where I was so comfortable with it and figured out how to make some beautiful work.  That was because I grew up on Windows and Dells, and I never had my own mac until this year.  Thanks to my husband, i received a macbook as a birthday present :)  YAY!

While both of these things sound like good news, they in fact contradict each others' functionality.  I figured out that there is a way to run windows on a mac so that you can run microsoft programs, but you have to purchase windows, the editing software, and an additional software that acts as a mediator to the mac for the Microsoft programs.  Sheesh.  Can't we all just get along?

Anyways. I was always so hesitant about learning photoshop because, well, it is really complex!  I mean it has so much to learn about it, and I already know the Microsoft program.  I have been fighting this outcome for a while, but now I see it is inevitable.  Somehow, some way, I will figure it out.  It just means I have to start from square 1 again.

Since I last wrote, we have moved into our new place, and have a kitty who thinks she's a human, and a puppy who snores like a man.  Lucy the cat and Desi the dog (in reference to one of the best shows of all time).  Our home has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, a galley kitchen, a breakfast nook,  a formal dining room,  a spacious living room, and an extra room we have been using for storage.  It sits in a cute little suburban neighborhood and everyone here is really nice.

My husband has graciously given me an entire extra bedroom that I am converting into our home office/craft room.  We took a trip to IKEA a couple of weeks ago and splurged on some home office materials, and other things for updating the look of the house.

I am really excited about having a workspace.  It was always a bummer to work on jewelry on our little tiny kitchen table in the dining/living room in our little 500 square foot apartment.  It has been wonderful for us both to have more personal space.  My husband is so patient with me.

So that is the update for now!  I am so excited to keep up the momentum on this business.

God Bless,


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